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portrait de l'auteur This website aims to present and more simply store photographs I have made and which I'm interested in.

I am Simon Georget & practice photography as amateur since about twelve years. I've started doing Black & White photography with my SRT 101 camera. I used to develop my own films and print my failed pics in high school. Hopefully, few but some of them were better... I followed-up by building my own Black & White laboratory in my parents house. I accepted the idea of throwing away my old SRT 101 which was in a bad shape and bought a new Minolta - X300S.

I'm now and since around 3 years working with a digital camera. I have first tried the coolpix4500. Disapointed when you come from the tradition world of Reflex but it sounded as a new enthousiasm for photography. Currently, I own a Canon 350D. I do still make ugly photographs but in a digital way (this is progress )... Still, I will upload better of them on this website.

Regarding the name of the site: 0++255
Each pixel of a digital image coded on one byte refer to a value between 0 and 255 (28) and represent a shade of gray or RGB color .

To know others photoblogs I use to look at, consult my profile on photoblog.